Successful AU Summit Attended by 49 Heads of State, over 10,000 Delegates

Successful AU Summit Attended by 49 Heads of State, over 10,000 Delegates

Grigoriy Trofimchuk Grigoriy Trofimchuk

02.02.2018-Addis Ababa/ Successful AU Summit Attended by 49 Heads of State, over 10,000 Delegates: Ministry of Foreign Affairs 

 Ethiopia has successfully hosted the 30th Ordinary Session of the African Union, which was attended by more that 10,000 delegates, 49 heads of state, the UN Secretary-General, and Arab League officials, according to Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

 During his briefing to journalists yesterday, Foreign Affairs Spokesman Meles Alem said the session was peacefully conducted due to the strong commitment of the Ethiopian government and the public.

 Close to 680 journalists from all over the world covered the event.

 According to Meles, the capacity exhibited by Addis Ababa as Africa's center for diplomacy and political affairs was demonstrated by the successful conclusion of this summit.

 Ethiopia has also played a significant role for the success of AU agenda by forwarding constructive ideas that contributed to the success of the summit, he added.

 The country has achieved successful results from the summit in diplomatic relations, image building, political and economic aspects, the Spokesperson stressed.

 "Most of the leaders started their speeches by praising Ethiopia as the heart and the gate way to Africa. The summit also attracted a large number of leaders and international organization representatives. This in turn helped the Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister to hold discussions with over 30 head of states, the UN Secretary-General and other representatives of organizations", Meles added.

 Ethiopia's contribution to peace and security in Africa and the entire world was also recognized, the Spokesman stated.

 "There were three great events that have reflected Ethiopia as the anchor state for peace and security of Africa. The IGAD summit on South Sudan, the successful meeting of the leaders of Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt, and the UN, African Union and IGAD meeting on South Sudan were successful in showing the country's role from this perspective," he explained.

 Meles also pointed out that many countries have shown interest in working with the Ethiopian Airlines to strengthen their aviation industry.

 The 30th Ordinary Session of the African Union was held from January 22-29 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

 Ethiopian News Agency. 


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