MOROCCO: Sahara Issue: 21 Peruvian MPs Highlight Relevance of Morocco’s Autonomy Plan

MOROCCO: Sahara Issue: 21 Peruvian MPs Highlight Relevance of Morocco’s Autonomy Plan

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18.10.2017-Rabat/ Twenty-one members of the Peruvian parliament underlined the relevance of Morocco’s autonomy plan in the Sahara and called on their country, which will soon chair the UN Security Council, to support the Moroccan initiative aimed at settling the dispute that has lasted for more than 40 years.

 In a letter signed by 21 Peruvian MPs and addressed to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ricardo Luna, these parliamentarians, from all political stripes, expressed their support for the Moroccan autonomy plan in the Sahara, which is supported by the international community and has been welcomed by the UN Security Council in several of its resolutions since 2017, including resolution 2351 of last April, which deemed the proposal as "serious and credible".

 In this document, these MPs expressed confidence that Peru will, during its presidency of the UN Security Council, support "the dynamics created by the Moroccan autonomy proposal, with a view to reaching a negotiated, fair and lasting solution to the Sahara issue ".

 They also welcomed Peru's official position on the so-called "Saharawi republic", which was widely presented in a statement which has been recently issued by the Foreign Affairs Ministry saying that the South American country does not intend to re-establish diplomatic relations with the puppet entity.

 These MPs also noted that there is no doubt that this position is in line with the Security Council resolutions concerning the regional dispute over the Sahara issue and with all the efforts made by the Secretary-General of the United Nations and his personal envoy.

 In this context, the letter recalls that the ghostly "RASD" is not recognized by the United Nations because, under the provisions of international law, it lacks the necessary conditions for the creation of a state, which explains Peru's decision to suspend diplomatic relations with the puppet entity, adding that nearly 50 countries have suspended or frozen their recognition of this entity since the end of the cold war.

 They also welcomed the sovereign decision of the Peruvian authorities to end the manoeuvrings of the Spanish tourist who usurped the alleged status of a diplomat, called Khadijetou El Mokhtar, by sending her back to her country of origin.

 The MPs also called for the adoption of the necessary judicial measures to ensure that the Polisario separatist answer for her unacceptable acts and for the violation of the sovereignty of Peru and its constitutional institutions, following her deportation to Spain.


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