Kenya: Intense lobbying for key cabinet positions

Kenya: Intense lobbying for key cabinet positions

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03.12.2017-Nairobi/ Intense lobbying for key positions in government characterized the weekend as president Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto embark on constituting their technical team.

 The president and his deputy are said to be working overtime to come up with a list of cabinet secretaries and principal secretaries who will actualize the jubilee government pre-election pledges.

 A section of political leaders from Kajiado county are calling on the president to reserve the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government for the Maa community.

 The leaders say the President should reward the region for its loyalty which was demonstrated during the August 8 general election as well as the October 26 repeat presidential election.

 The post was previously held by the late Joseph Nkaissery from the region.

 Senate Deputy Speaker professor Kithure Kindiki has also weighed in on the matter by urged those lobbying for the positions to stop doing it through the media.

 Speaking while attending a burial ceremony at Kigane South Imenti constituency, Kindiki told those lobbying through the press to stop it as it might work against their efforts.

 The Senate Deputy Speaker said the prerogative and mandate of nominating rests with the president, adding that lobbying can’t make him change his mind.

 He said President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto will ensure that the cabinet will be inclusive of all communities.

 "Not everyone will make it in the cabinet but those who will be left out will be given other jobs in parastatals or foreign envoys” he said.

 In Tharaka Nithi, area leaders led by area Governor Muthomi Njuki are also scrambling for a piece of the cake.

 The leaders claim to have been neglected when it come to cabinet appointments despite their unequivocal support for the president.

 Eala nominees

 Meanwhile, the list of appointees to the East Africa legislative assembly continues to draw mixed reactions.

 Kenya Livestock Marketing Council chair Dubat Amey wants the list presented by both the government and the opposition withdrawn.

 Amey says  the list of nominees is dominated by party loyalists, close relatives and political rejects from both political formations which he argues, does not augur well with the efforts being put in place to bridge deep rooted differences following the protracted electioneering period that has divided the country into tribe lines.

 Amey said that at independence, the late president Jomo Kenyatta picked technocrats irrespective of their colour, religion or political background who helped to propel the country.

 In the list, NASA submitted the names of among others, former nominated MP Oburu Oginga, (elder brother to NASA leader Raila Odinga) and Kennedy Musyoka (son of Kalonzo Musyoka), while Jubilee party list consists of mainly former MPs and civil servants among them Charles Nyachae and Simon Mbugua.

 Kenya Broadcasting Corporation.

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