Ethiopia: Tourists Find Ethiopian Epiphany Magical

Ethiopia: Tourists Find Ethiopian Epiphany Magical

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21.01.2018-Addis Ababa/ Every year hundreds of tourists visit Ethiopia at this time to witness Epiphany (Timket), one of the outdoor holidays celebrated by Orthodox Christians.

 Tabots (Holy Arks) from each of the churches are taken to a significant place, where the Arks stay the night carried overhead by highest priests of the church, on the eve of Timket, known as Ketera escorted by hundreds of thousands of followers.

 On the actual day, the Arks return to their respective churches escorted by the followers following a ritual to commemorate the baptism of Jesus Christ.

 Timket is among the religious holidays attended by thousands of tourists. More than 800,000 tourists are expected to visit Ethiopia in this season, to attend the celebration which has unique features mainly in Addis Ababa and Gondar. 

 As usual thousands of tourists from different parts of the world have attended Timket at Janmedain Addis Ababa. They found it majestic. 

 Olivia Balsinger from USA is a writer for "yahoo travel”. She said Ttimket is "an incredible and magical event that she has never seen before in any country.

 "I believe that it is magical because in the United States you don’t see many people gathered in a crowd for the purpose of getting bless and seeing the miracle of religion bringing everyone together and it is a sense of community and how strong Ethiopian’s commitmentis for religion and history” she explained. 

 According to her, the hospitality and welcoming culture of Ethiopians is another unique character that anyone can enjoy with the event.

 "Everyone here is amazing; everyone here is so kind and welcoming. As a foreigner I was not sure with all of the customs but I was given this beautiful all fit wear” she said mentioning the white traditional cloth that Ethiopians wear during holidays.

 "I heard about it [Timket], I see it on you tube; but it is much more than my expectation; an excitement something really, really special. It is an excitement once in a life time” said a tourist from Israel attending the ceremony with her daughter. 

 Another tourist from Toronto,Canada also praised the celebration as fantastic and interesting”.

 She said the energy, excitement and enthusiasm of the people is unimaginable and difficult to forget. "It is interesting for me because I was baptized a Greece Orthodox; so part of my culture is well celebrated today. So I think it is nice to see and happen in another country. You know I have seen it similar in Greece where my grandparents come from; but this is very different with different additional from other regions of the world” she explained. 

 Overwhelmed by the celebration, the tourists are enthusiastic to invite their family and friends to visit Ethiopia and see what they saw. 

 Epiphany is one of the outdoor religious festivals celebrated by Orthodox Christians.

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