Ethiopia Named World’s Most Welcoming Country.

Ethiopia Named World’s Most Welcoming Country.

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16.06.2017-Addis Ababa/ Ethiopia, the Land of Origins, has named as the world's most welcoming country by global followers of Rough Guides, a publisher that provides up-to-date content for travelers, the Ethiopian Airlines told ENA.

 Rough Guides is a leading travel publisher known for its "tell it like it is" attitude, accurate, up-to-date content and authoritative contemporary writing.

 Digital followers of Rough Guides were asked to share their experiences of the most hospitable places around the world and voted Ethiopia witnessing the unique features.

 The followers describe Ethiopia as a profoundly beautiful East African country with a history that stretches back many thousands of years, never colonized and with the tribal customs and hospitable traditions largely maintained intact, according to the review.

 Tewolde GebreMariam, Chairman of the Ethiopian Tourism Transformation Board and CEO of Ethiopian Airlines expressed his delight on the vote of confidence.

 He said "Warm Hospitality is a unique culture for Ethiopians but we are extremely happy that visitors witnessed it with their vote of confidence and rated our country as the Most Welcoming Country in the entire World."

 "Ethiopia is a land of great ancient civilizations endowed with astonishing assets" he said mentioning some of the country's cultural, historical and natural tourist sites.

 With a view to enable tourists enjoy the sites, Ethiopian Airlines availed accessible tour packages, Tewolde said.

 He said that Ethiopian Airlines has established an extensive network covering 95 international destinations across five continents with excellent connectivity to all the Ethiopian tourism sites.

 Voters Rough Guides have also reiterated the magnificent taste and ceremony of Ethiopian coffee; recommending travelers never to miss the unique taste and real mark of friendship it induces.

  Government of Ethiopia.

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