Ethiopia Lifts State of Emergency.

Ethiopia Lifts State of Emergency.

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08.08.2017-Addis Ababa/ The House of Peoples Representative in its extraordinary session on Friday lifted the state of emergency after ten months in operation.

 The Horn African nation declared a state of emergency in October following the unrest occurred in parts of the country.

 As peace has restored, the state of emergency is no longer in need, said Siraj Fegesa, Minister of Defence and Secretary of the Command post established to oversee the state of emergency to the House,

 Peace and tranquility had been restored with the unreserved and collaborative work of both the public and the command post, he added.

 Noting the existence of few and scattered conflicts that are not yet resolved, the Minister said that they could be handled with normal legal framework.

 Siraj acknowledged the active public participation, strong commitment and responsiveness of the command post members in maintaining the prevailing peace and stability.

 It is to be recalled that the state of emergency was declared to ensure peace and stability in the country and to curb illegal tampering with public and private property following the unrest occurred in October 2017.

 Ethiopian News Agency.

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