ERITREA: Road renovation popular campaign

ERITREA: Road renovation popular campaign

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12.10.2017-Asmara/ The residents of Golagul, Adi-Tekelezan sub-zone, are conducting road renovation popular campaign with the help machinery linking their village with the Asmara-Adi-Tekelezan mini road.

 The residents indicated that the dirt road that has been damaged due to flooding had been creating problem especially in transporting patients and pregnant women to nearby health facilities and that they took the initiative of the renovation activity.

 The chairman of the Development Committee of Golagul, Mr. Mosazgi Abraha said that the location of the area makes the road exposed to flooding and that they took the initiative with the technical assistance from the Construction office of the Anseba region. Mr. Mosazgi also said that the residents contributed around half a million besides physically participating in the renovation activity.

 Mr. Frezgi Kiflom, administrator of the sub-zone, on his part pointed out that with the strong participation of the residents 50% of the renovation activity has been accomplished.

 Ministry ot Information.

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