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Eritrea: Encouraging effort to develop tourism secto

Eritrea: Encouraging effort to develop tourism secto

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07.12.2017-Asmara/ The Tourism sector in the Northern Red Sea region is undertaking encouraging endeavor to identify historical and tourism attraction sites in the region.

 Indicating that the region has over 550 km clean and unpolluted sea shore, the head of the Research and Resources Management in the region, Mr. Ibrahim Musa said that with the research conducted the Islands of Daheret, Dihl, Isratu, Durgam, Durgela, Andebir, Hatitaw, Ilatira, Tor, Bulisar, Ajuz, Dase, Umnamus, Dahlak Kebir, Shumaha, Desie and Madot have been found tourism attraction places.

 He also said that there are many tourism attraction places in the Northern Red Sea region including the ancient port of Adulis, the Islands of Dajlak and Desie, the national park of Northern Sea, the port city of Massawa, the Nakfa trenches, Debrebizen Monastery and others that could contribute in the development of tourism industry in the country.

 Ministry of Information.

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