Egypt following kidnapping, killing of national in US.

Egypt following kidnapping, killing of national in US.

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21.06.2017-Cairo/ The foreign ministry is following up the kidnapping and killing of an Egyptian national in the United States, Foreign Ministry spokesman Ahmed Abu Zeid said on Tuesday.

 In a statement, the spokesman said a suspect made fun of the 17-year-old Egyptian-American Muslim girl who was with friends walking back from a restaurant in Virginia in the early hours of Sunday. 

 The murderer grabbed the teenager, identified as Nabra Hassanen, and hit her with a baseball bat, Zeid said, pointing out that the guy took her in his car to a second location nearby.

 He noted that the suspect was arrested, charged with her murder and is being investigated. 

 The Egyptian Embassy in Washington immediately contacted the victim's family and the police to follow up the incident, the spokesman noted. 

 The spokesman expressed condolences to the family of the victim.

 State Information Service.

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