China's BAIC Group plans electric autos in South Africa

China's BAIC Group plans electric autos in South Africa

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25.04.2018 - Pretoria / A state-owned Chinese automaker has announced plans to produce electric cars in South Africa. It shared the plan today at the Beijing auto show, which is highlighting China’s growing role in the emerging technology.

 BAIC Group’s announcement came as Nissan unveiled its first electric car designed for China. General Motors displayed a Buick SUV it says can go 600 kilometers on one charge.

 Chinese automaker Geely debuted a gasoline-electric hybrid developed with its Swedish sister company, Volvo Cars.Electrics are money-losers for most producers, but automakers are investing heavily in what they see as the wave of the future. China’s leaders want to make their country a center for the emerging industry. And are promoting electrics with various incentives. China accounted for half of last year’s global sales of electrics.


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