CAMEROON: Terrorism - Police Chiefs in Central and West Africa concert

CAMEROON: Terrorism - Police Chiefs in Central and West Africa concert

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12.10.2017-Yaoundé/ The Central African and West African Sub Regions are seeking a common strategy to combat the rising threat of terrorism.

 The meeting was opened by the Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralisation, René Emmanuel Sadi who emphasised the need for a global and holistic strategy to combat terrorism.

 He added that no country can single-handedly overcome the barbarism of terrorists.

 Security Chiefs during the meeting made an analysis of the situation on the ground and proposed stronger cooperation ties and exchange of essential intelligence.

 Twenty four countries are represented in the high level meeting that also seeks to evaluate the level of cooperation in the face of menaces to peace and stability, highway robbery, terrorism and criminality.

 Experts at the meeting explained that the increasing security threats in West and Central Africa can been attributed to the region's wealth of natural resources especially mineral, hydrocarbons and natural gas.

 The geostrategic position of the region also exposes it to the aftermath of conflicts from other regions.

 According to the International Organization of the Police, Interpol, anticipation is the most efficient method of fighting these menaces.

 Criminal activities can be prevented through information sharing amongst member countries of the two sub regions within a context where the role of each party is clearly defined.


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