Cameroon / Nigeria: Ayuk Tabe Handed To Cameroonian Judiciary

Cameroon / Nigeria: Ayuk Tabe Handed To Cameroonian Judiciary

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30.01.2018-Yaoundé/ Below is a press statement from the Minister of Communication.

 « Distinguished Journalists, Ladies and Gentlemen

 The Government of Cameroon hereby announces to the national and international public opinion that a group of forty-seven terrorists, including Mr. AYUK TABE, were handed, a few hours ago, to the Cameroonian Judiciary, before which they will be tried for their crimes.

 The Government of Cameroon takes this opportunity to commend the excellent multifaceted cooperation existing between Nigeria and Cameroon, particularly with regard to security.

 The Government of Cameroon reaffirms the determination of both countries, under the leadership of their respective Heads of State, never to tolerate that their territories be used as a base for destabilizing activities directed against one of them ».

 Yaounde, January 29, 2018

 The Minister of Communication


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