Angola: Lavrov defends principle ‘African solutions to African problems’

Angola: Lavrov defends principle ‘African solutions to African problems’

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10.03.2018 - Luanda / Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov declared "we firmly defend the principle of African solutions to African problems,” during a press conference with his Angolan counterpart Manuel Domingos Augusto in Luanda on Monday.

 "The international community should respect the decision of Africans’ and their way of regulating conflicts and support it morally, politically and financially, which also includes assistance in training professional peacekeepers, which Russian does actively,” he continued.

 Augusto, in turn, stated that "Angola wants to count on Russia for resolving conflicts in Africa and particularly in the central region.”

 "Russia always stands as a partner of the African continent, we want it to last and this visit will strengthen our ties,” he went on to say.

 Lavrov began his tour of Angola, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Namibia and Ethiopia on Monday. He will be using the trip to discuss ways of fighting terrorism and boosting economic cooperation.

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