Africa Spending More Than its Fair Share for Climate Adaptation: Study

Africa Spending More Than its Fair Share for Climate Adaptation: Study

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07.11.2017-Addis Ababa/ Environment - Africa Spending More Than its Fair Share for Climate Adaptation: Study

 African countries are spending more than their fair share in climate adaptation responses as opposed to the insinuation that the nations are not investing in their own climate adaptation responses and are waiting for international support, findings of a joint study by UNDP Regional Office for Africa and the African Climate Policy Centre at the Commission for Africa revealed.

 The study showed that public expenditure on adaptation by African countries constitutes 20 percent of their total needs at present.

 Expenditure on adaptation ranges between 2 to 9 percent of GDP; and represents more than other forms of expenditure in public services such as health care and education, although the level of investment as a proportion of GDP expenditure varies among countries.

 This is significantly higher than the adaptation resource flow from international sources, the study revealed.

 "The disproportionate share of investment in adaptation as opposed to its smallest share of contribution to the global GHG emissions needs to be fully recognized and boosted under global financing mechanism for climate response, especially under the implementation of the nationally determined contributions (NDCs),” the report stated.

 African countries are making a major contribution to adaptation that constitutes 20 percent of the total adaptation expenditure required to reduce potential economic impacts of climate change.

 Meanwhile, most of these countries face major exposure and sensitivity to climate change risks as well as fiscal challenges, the study added.

 Countries that have reduced the potential impact of climate change by more than 20 percent, include those with low climate change risks like Liberia, Namibia and Zimbabwe; high expenditure, for example Ethiopia, Gambia, Zambia; and lower risk and good expenditure countries like Rwanda, Senegal, Uganda , according to the study.

 It also stated that the objectives of the Review of African Commitment to Adaptation was to provide some initial estimates of the current spending on adaptation by African governments, and to assess the extent to which this funding meets the scale of the adaptation challenge as determined by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and other assessments.

 The study further pointed out that Africa has always been labeled as a tenuous recipient of development assistance, with unending expectations of support in addressing climate impacts on its development, despite its miniscule share of responsibility for the causes of climate change.

 While this stigma is baseless, it remains to be fully disbarred using empirical studies demonstrating regional investments for climate adaptation by the countries, it added.

 Ethiopian News Agency.

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