Africa needs more graduates with knowledge and skills to sustain African economies – President Kagame.

Africa needs more graduates with knowledge and skills to sustain African economies – President Kagame.

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11.07.2017-Kigali/ President Paul Kagame has said that in order to grow and sustain its economies, Africa needs many more graduates with knowledge and skills.

 The President made the remarks on July 05 while addressing a gathering of over 1,000 stakeholders in tertiary education from across the continent.

 Dubbed ‘Mobilizing Africa Intellectuals Towards Quality Tertiary Education’, the two-day conference was organised by the Sustainable Development Goals Centre for Africa, based in Kigali.

 Acknowledging progress made across Africa in the education sector – in particular the strides made in enhancing access to education, President Kagame observed that it is not enough to support the continent’s ambitions.

"Africa’s ‘Gross Enrollment Ratio’ in tertiary education is about a quarter of the world average. This is far from what is required to end poverty and instability, achieve prosperity, or even sustain our dignity as human beings,” President Kagame said.

 The Head of State pointed out that fortunately, the right conditions are coming together to enable Africa to make the most of new ways to provide appropriate tertiary education.

 He called on the private sector to invest in education as governments and development partners alone – even with the right levels of financial allocation and support – cannot sustain the momentum needed.

"We have to find more innovative ways to attract needed resources from the private sector. This is especially because businesses have a vested interest in the quality of graduates and the skills they bring to the market,” President Kagame observed.

 The President lauded modern technologies, especially affordable broadband, for presenting Africans with unprecedented opportunities to overcome barriers to delivering information and skills to the African populace.

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